A Guide To Forest Management Units For Prospectors or
Gaining Access To The Forest For Mineral Exploration Purposes

Prospectors usually always research an area before they venture into the bush to explore for minerals. There are many different types of maps at their disposal but there is one resource that many of us may not be aware of.

The MNR has divided the province's Crown forests into management units (FMUs) and each one has a Forest Management Plan(FMP).

Some plans are currently being prepared and some are about to start preparation.

The plans have a five year duration. To find out when a particular area is up for renewal, contact the local MNR district office.

But without going into a lot of detail in this first article, here is what you can get right now if, for example, you were to visit the MNR district office in Thunder Bay( James St.) The staff is very helpful and welcoming.

Ask to see; for The Lakehead Forest plan;

-Blowdown Map 1:50 000 scale; shows location of all blowdowns, areas that have been salvaged and areas proposed for salvage.

-MNR Values map 1:35 000 scale; shows the present values of the forest.

-1997-2002 FMP allocation block map; shows the location of present harvest blocks

and the roads and bridges used to access them.

-Proposed harvest areas 1:150 000 scale: shows areas to be harvested within 5 years.

-Proposed road corridors 1:50 000 scale: keep in mind that The Lakehead Forest is huge. Just tell them which area you are interested in and they will show you the map.

This is the first of a series of articles that I will contribute to OPA as a member of the Land Use Access Committee. My next article will give you more specific information on Forest Management Planning and how prospectors can get involved in the planning of Forestry Access Roads, Controlled Access Points and Road Closure issues.

Thanks to Abraham Drost, RLUG, MNDM for all of his help and guidance.

Get to know the RLUG in your area. They are very informed regarding land use issues.

John Halet, NWOPA Land Use Committee
Thunder Bay

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