Some Specifics About Forest Management Plans

Article #2

Recently I have been prospecting for PGMs in the Keweenawans in the vicinity of Thunder Bay. My target areas are in the vast tracts of land that are being cleaned up after the big blowdown of 1999. Since this is part of The Lakehead Forest ( FMU#796, Plan Renewal Year 2007... now pay attention here... since these are five year plans, 2007-5years =2002... this means that the plan for this particular forest must be approved/accepted/signed by the MNR District Manager by January 2002. After that the public, including Prospectors can not whine about what Forestry Companies are going to do to the roads, bridges and access points ). And this is fair because the MNR has put the Plan (FMP) through 6 stages of public input. I will go into this process and how you can get involved, in more detail in a future article.

So there I was cruising around on these new logging roads and inspecting the recently scarified landscape for promising mafics when I came to a sign that said Temporary Water Crossing. What? When? Why? If they pull this bridge, many miles of excellent roads and Geology will be lost to easy access. Why would they do that after so much money has been spent on building them? Fortunately since the FMP has not met final approval I can apply for a Bump-up.

If you are not satisfied with the decision made, ( in this case to remove a bridge) in the planning process, you may ask the Minister of Environment and Energy to order a "bump-up" or individual environmental assessment of specific, proposed forest management activities identified in the plan. Again, I will deal with this process in more detail in a future article but the process is out there if you need to use it now.

Better still, mining people need to get involved in the FMP at the very beginning. I will provide a list of plans and dates ASAP.

Notice: the Crossroute Forest Plan # 405 is in its final stage (stage 6) right now, August 17- Sept. 16, 2001. So you people out there in the Fort Francis-Atikokan area can drop in to either MNR office and ask to see the plan and if you are not happy with any part of it, there is still time to request a Bump-up. The plan can also be inspected at the MNR, Northwest Regional Office in Thunder Bay, (James St.). In fact a copy of all plans can be viewed at James St.

John Halet NWOPA, OPA Land Use Committee
Thunder Bay

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