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     The Southern Ontario Prospectors Association (SOPA) was started in 2000 to fulfill a province-wide representation of prospectors for the Ontario Prospectors Association (OPA). Our objectives are to represent and further the interests of the individual prospector and the exploration industry.
  • To provide a source of information to the membership with respect to prospecting and mineral exploration.
  • To integrate the prospector's interests with professional mining people, including geologists, mining engineers, and mining companies.
  • To make representations on behalf of prospecting, exploration, mineral collecting, and mining industries to all levels of government, and all tribunals and boards affecting the prospecting, exploration, mineral collecting, and mining industries.
  • To work to preserve and promote prospecting as a profitable and viable profession, and to achieve this in any way the membership deems proper.
  • Assist and support prospector's issues and mining operations in Southern Ontario.
  • Maintain representation on mining related government committees.
  • Advise and implement programs on the safety of abandoned mines.
  • Provide a networking for the individual prospector and the mining company.
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